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Policy Statement

Partium Christian University (hereinafter PCU) in Oradea is a higher education institution designed for professional training and education in the traditional Christian tolerant spirit, open to future specialists in various fields. Due to the Christian character of the University, besides ensuring the European level of professional training, PCU has an equally important role of Christian spiritual and moral education of future specialists, because the most valuable contribution we can enrich the European community is our traditional Christian moral attitude which puts its mark on the didactic, scientific, artistic and administrative research activity.

The phrase "Christian university" defines the system of values that the University wants to promote implicitly, so the educational process within the university community of PCU takes place in an ecumenical, tolerant and critical spirit. The principles of non- discrimination are part of this value system. The PCU's Code of University Ethics and Deontology is based on fundamental Christian ethical values, such as love of neighbor, spirit of community responsibility, and forgiveness. Regulatory functioning, transparency, predictability, organizational efficiency, quality assurance, proportional involvement and internal cohesion are essential for the long-term development of a quality-oriented university. The latter is especially valid for a PCU-sized institution.

The Erasmus+ program is an essential part of the University's internationalization strategy and as such helps to modernize the University. In the 21st century, a modern and successful university cannot exist without international partners, without international didactic cooperation, scientific research, artistic or administrative activities.
By participating in the various activities within the Erasmus + program, PCU will contribute to the achievement of a European Education Area. Many of the initiatives launched by the European Commission to create this space are already found in the PCU strategy, such as: recognition of studies abroad, the importance of learning foreign languages and digital skills, access to high quality education, regardless of socioeconomic level, civic engagement. Recent global events have shown that long- planned online education has now become a tangible reality and that education can no longer be imagined without it. PCU has successfully overcome this first obstacle and is gradually looking to find solutions to the problems encountered. Implementing digitization, promoting and supporting student and staff mobility, especially those with reduced opportunities, automatic and full recognition of all ECTS credits obtained during mobility, encouraging environmentally friendly practices, encouraging the participation of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and involving participants in activities civic, represent objectives, which PCU intends to achieve or even partly have been achieved. The initiative on European Student Card is welcome and PCU will implement its use according to the recommendations of the European Commission.

Our activity is defined in a multicultural context specific to the region and the entire country. This also involves a careful study of the implications of contact between different cultures. Therefore, it is obvious to us that international cooperation and participation in the Erasmus + sub-programs are fundamental elements and objectives of our University development strategy. This implies that we continuously support internationalization, in particular by facilitating (1) the mobility of students and academic staff within the Erasmus + program, (2) the study and research activities of students and academic staff, and (3) the active participation in multilateral projects or thematic networks. We are continuously increasing the number of bilateral agreements both at national and European / international level. Our partners come from different geographical areas in Europe, but we intend to cooperate more intensively with partners from Asia and America as well.

Among the most important objectives of the Erasmus+ program at PCU are student mobility activities, in order to offer them the opportunity to learn and practice their future profession abroad. Through this experience they can get to know other cultures and practice their knowledge of foreign languages. It is very important for us to provide our students with competitive knowledge in order to have equal opportunities on the European labor market, and the Erasmus program helps us to achieve this goal.

The main target groups of our mobility activities are students. The strategy includes increasing the number of mobilities. A huge interest can be seen in placement mobility, as students have realized the importance of this experience in their future careers. PCU provides all the support for incoming students, administratively and academically. Outgoing and incoming staff mobility is also popular. These mobilities often lead to more cooperation between colleagues from different countries.

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